Tweaching you about "Viruses"[MICROBIOLOGY]

What is a Virus?

A virus is basically a tiny microscopic parasite that is way smaller than even bacteria.

they are small enough to pass through some fabrics which is why some masks aren’t as effective as others

Viruses kind of just bumble around like little armless, legless beans in the air, just waiting to come into contact with something that they can inject their genetic information into to reproduce.

They just want to replicate

They're made of genetic material to be replicated, and proteins that specialize in attaching to and injecting material into cells. the protein is the tough part, the genetic material is the not so tough part.

The worst viruses are the ones that have really beefy protein coatings that are hard to destroy.

Once the virus genetic information gets into our cells, our cells stop their normal cell activity and make more virus until they fill up with virus copies and literally burst and release more virus particles into your body!

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