"Tweaching" Market Discipline(and why it's not good!!)[ECONOMICS]

After trying numeorous times--unsuccessfully--to get any sort of attention to my media, I have found individuals only seem interested in the clapping and smacking made between my lower cheeks.

I have decided to combine that in artfully creative ways with the clapping and smacking made between my upper cheeks by introducing the concept of "tweaching" which is teaching while I twerk. So far there is a lot of positive feedback. I'm pretty sure most of it is about the lower cheek action.

So here we go, Installment 1 : Market Discipline and why it's not good!

What is “Market Discipline”? Why is it a terrible thing in this country And why does it matter?

Market Discipline is the obligation of banks and financial institutions to consider the best interest of their shareholders (a fancy word for YOU!!) when making financial investments.

One of the biggest reasons the United states has a relatively good employment rate but a terrible problem with economic inequality, is that the government wont regulate moves in the economy, and doesn’t check the moves of big financial institutions because of this principle of “Market Discipline”.

The only Reason they would have to check is if they suspected something unlawful was occurring. For example, if the executive, or law enforcing portion of the government, decided to pursue a suit against a financial entity on behalf of its shareholders(the people) for gross negligence in the handling of its finances contributing to a unequal, racist, or sexist economy.

This could include things like lending to a white man looking to buy a new "company car" rather than lending to a black woman looking to buy a store front for her restaurant.

But heres the thing.

How are typical, everyday Americans supposed to even know that this is how the American government and socio-economic system operates?

I have been to university, and still had no idea what “Market Discipline” was until I did my own research.

In fact, The amount of extra ordinary research I’ve had to do to just barely understand what I’m talking about right now really leads me to believe that the government has been negligent in its role in protecting the peoples interest in the economy and just doesn't want us to know, so they don't teach us how to spot it. We shouldn’t stand for it any longer.

But the real kicker?? And why Market Discipline issues are so relevant right now??

There are millions of outraged Americans fighting and literally dying to keep a man in office who has benefited from the injustices of market discipline nearly his entire life.

Trumps businesses have been permitted to declare bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009, which means that he was allowed to accrue debts(money that banks gave him, from the PEOPLE) and the banks forgave those debts at our detriment.

His arguments in his favor are that “every business does it”

That doesn’t mean it isn’t detrimental to the people.