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What is the FOOL WITH IT Charity Art Event?

This event is a fun, entertaining and HIGHLY interactive way of saying thank you to all the supporters, friends and family of Washko Productions and affiliated artists.

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What is the Goal of the FOOL WITH IT Charity Art Event?

Our number one goal is too give back, and thats why every Washko Productions event donates 10% of its proceeds to a charity that the guests can vote on. The FOOL WITH IT charity art event will be donating to either Girls on the Run, the Hampton Art Foundation, or the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative. The public is encouraged to find out more about these initiative and vote by clicking the link below.

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Is This a Costume friendly event?

Yes! we HIGHLY encourage you to wear a costume! Please note that 7-9pm will be a family friendly atmosphere so more adult costumes may be more appropriate past 9pm. We will have a kids costume contest and an adult costume contest with fantastic prizes!

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Is this a Kid-Friendly Event?

From 7pm to 9pm there will be no adult prizes available and the carnival games will be free to play for any children or adults in costume for a chance to win candy and toy prizes.

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Does It Cost to Attend the Event?

No! Admission is free and open to invited guests and their friends and family. Guests are welcome to enjoy the event cost free and have the option to play some games for without a ticket and win the small prizes and candy while supplies last. Find out more about game prizes below!

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How do you get Tickets?

Tickets are acquired at various points throughout the year and can be used at a Washko Productions event! Tickets are generally given as gifts to individuals who support the artistic endeavors of the company and affiliated artists.  Tickets can currently be acquired by purchasing an art badge from now until the conclusion of the Fool With It charity art event, or by donating to the charity fund, of which 75% of the profits go to the selected charity, and only 25% of profits are used to fund the event. Find out more about tickets below.

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What Will The Tickets be used for? 

Tickets can be used to play various games around the event for a variety of medium and large prizes. Tickets can also be traded for food and non-alcoholic drinks. Find out information about tickets below.

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Will There be Alcohol Served?

No alcohol will be served at the FOOL WITH IT charity art event, and the Washko Productions team will not be responsible for monitoring guests toxicity levels. Guests are encouraged to bring their own beverage of choice and drink responsibly. Sodas and snacks will be provided in exchange for tickets. No outside food will be allowed in the event. Find out more about the food options below.

Food at the Event
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What time does the Event Start?

the FOOL WITH IT charity art event will begin at 7pm with a family-oriented atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to bring their kids and play the games for free to earn candy prizes and check out the art on display. At 9 pm the event becomes 18+ and the medium and large prizes become available for one ticket per try. Find out more about the schedule of events below.

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What Will the Featured Performers do?

The featured talent of and affiliated with Washko Productions will entertain throughout the night by offering live art performances in the gallery. More information about these performance can be found in the schedule.

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Is there Parking at the Event?

There are several parking lots and residential areas within walking distance of the location that guests can park in. Guest should be careful to avoid lots that tow. Washko Productions is not responsible for any towed or ticketed vehicles. Guests will be informed of the address and parking locations via their invitation and any questions should be directed to the contact information provided.


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