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Personal Profile

Washko Productions is a talent and entertainment production company that was founded by Paige Washko in the summer of 2020 during the Corona Virus Pandemic. Stuck inside and focused on her art, Paige realized how much she had missed out with marketing her art and music before the pandemic hit. She created Washko Productions as a platform to spread her art and the art and talents of the Washko Productions team during and after the pandemic ends.


About the Founder

Paige Washko

Paige Washko was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1998 to parents Daniel and Erin Washko.

Her family moved to York town Virginia and finally settled into Hampton, Virginia when Paige was just finishing elementary school. 

Paige was very social and outgoing in school and was always a goofy and kind kid. Being tall and heavy-set in her childhood, Paige was always treated like an adult and mostly got along with the boys. Because of this, Paige didn't have your typical middle/high school experience. 

Paige attended Benjamin Syms Middle School and Kecoughtan High School. Rather than attend dances and get "do you like me" notes, Paige's attention remained solely on art, academics, and anime.

Paige had a couple Goals in high school; lose a bit of her staggering 320 pound frame, get into college, and be a good person.

Paige ended up reaching number 7 in her high school class of 462 with a GPA of 4.26 in 2016, and losing over 100 pounds between 2014 and 2016, and became

 the recipient of many awards and honor society memberships after contributing greatly to the hampton roads community through volunteer work while in high school. 

Paige went to the Universtiy of Virginia in the fall of 2016 on an Air Force ROTC scholarship that she applied for in order to pay for her tuition. 

After two years at the institution and in the armed forced, Paige realized neither were right for her in the moment, and after battling with mental health problems for the entirety of her time at university, Paige made the decision to withdraw and focus on herself and her art in the fall of 2018.

Paige spent the two years before forming Washko productions finding her artistic voice in various forms including working as a pastry chef, painting, producing music and beats, and writing lyrics, and has since been pulling all of these elements together and the people she has met along the way into a new entertainment conglomerate. 




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